Después de las (cenas, platicas, ediciones…)

Jardín de | las fronteras (por Agnieszka Pietruszkiewicz + Steven Appleton)

The garden was the last and most sustained production of our time as resident artists at la Casa del Túnel. In some ways, it was an action of last resort as other directions were frustrated or hit dead ends

When we came to Colonia Federal, we first intended to grow food plants within the space of La Casa del Túnel using hydroponic methods.  The apparatus and food plants would intermingle in the gallery space.

This was difficult for several reasons.  For example, the cost to implement this kind of growing method would burden electrical costs.

But, most notably, the technological garden art work would not be able to occupy a free and open public space. When it occupies a public space, an unused space, a border space, Jardín de las fronteras stimulates a social interaction and offers possibilities for supplementing diet(s) through simple gardening practices. The garden created food that we distributed.  It has also drawn us into closer conversation and dialog with neighbors in Federal.

(De la conversación durante la cena en julio.  La voz es de Aga)

Another aspect of our project is to give away seedlings.  

For neighbors, for people who are living in Colonia Federal.  Actually, a few days ago, the lady who lives next-door told me, “oh-you have some beautiful tomatoes under the wall…”

“How do you grow them?”  she asked.

And I told her, “If you have some free space for the garden outdoors I can teach you how to grow them and give you the seedlings. Do you have some garden space?”

She made a sad face and said “Oh, I have no garden.   Because all of the space around the house is concrete.

 But I have a pot!”

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2 pensamientos en “Jardín de | las fronteras (por Agnieszka Pietruszkiewicz + Steven Appleton)

  1. Agnieszka en dijo:

    Gracias Elizabeth, very enjoyable to look back at this project. So thank you for putting some context to the project. as the spring seems like it will be early this year, we are wondering about the strip of land at the border and what will be next there…

    we hope to return soon to put some more seeds in the ground…



    • Gracias por escribir–está muy bien para oír de ti.
      The patch south of the Corredor Fiscal certainly misses you; we will be excited for your return in the spring (and to assist with the process of planting, if that would be helpful!).


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