Después de las (cenas, platicas, ediciones…)

(De la conversación durante la cena en el 5 de noviembre)

Daniel: What’s the status, on the Río Alamar?

Lynn: Oh my, (the canalization is) proceeding…

Ricardo: It’s advancing–

Lynn: The part through Chilpa(ncingo) is almost done.  It will be finished within a month.

But, the part up-river from Chilpa has not been started, yet.  Colonia 10 de Mayo, has, at least temporarily, won the battle.  They’re say they’re not going to canalize it there.  We saw, today, a map of the industrial parks in Tijuana, just put out by the maquila association.  It had Río Tijuana and Río Alamar on the map, of course.  But, there was no “Río Alamar.”

Cathie: It was “Canal de Alamar”

Lynn: No-it was “Canal de Río Tijuana.”  The name “Alamar” had disappeared from the map.   It was “Canal.”

It’s all being canalized.  Contrary to an international agreement between México and the United States.

Elizabeth: I can remember reading about the difficulty of reaching this agreement, with the construction of the Tijuana River Flood Control Project in the late sixties and early seventies.  That there are very specific limits set…

Lynn: From Tecate to the eastern part of Tijuana, (water that flows in the creeks) is supposed to be free-flowing.  And it’s still very pretty, around 10 de Mayo.

Ricardo: Basically, they’re trying to connect the dots.  To connect the Vía Rápida with the Corredor 2000.  

The channel goes first.  Then, they have path to pave roads on both sides.  It will connect other industrial zones to the Corredor and to that part of the city.  And there’s some talk about a new garita.

Elizabeth: There have been plans for a new garita on the eastern part of Otay Mesa since 2005.  The garita that’s presently built will no longer be a commercial port of entry.  If I understand correctly, the commercial port will be moved east of Modulos, to “Otay Mesa POE II.”

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