Después de las (cenas, platicas, ediciones…)

(Más de la conversación durante la cena)

Daniel: But they don’t sell chocolate manufactured in México.

Lynn: It’s kind of like gasoline.  Like petroleum and Pemex.  

Daniel: What’s the cycle with petroleum?

Lynn: México pumps petroleum out of the ground; sends it to refineries in the United States; and imports it back.

Elizabeth: So, petroleum that originates in Mexico is sent to refineries in Lousiana + Texas, and is (shipped back to México to be) sold at Pemex?

Lynn: Yeah, we export it (to refineries).

Cathie: Have you ever seen (the gasoducto coming out of Ensenada*)?

It’s HUGE.  We were driving back from San Miguel when they were putting it in.  And they told us to go the back way.  And, so we were going over the back roads, when all of a sudden, we came across these things that looked like something out of a science fiction movie-these enormous pipes crawling over the hills because they hadn’t been buried yet.  

Elizabeth: Correct me, if I’m getting things mixed up, here–but, I can remember Carlos Bustamante (of Grupo Ambiental Patrulla Ecológica de Tijuana) was working to divert or to prevent the pipeline from coming through Tijuana

Ricardo: I don’t know if it’s that pipeline, but, you know the Corredor 2000?


Ricardo: When they were building (the Corredor), they re-plotted it to meet the gasline.  So, basically, state money was used to make a pass for the gas line.  

Basically, (construction of the Corredor created a path) for Sempra (empresa energía con sede en San Diego) to locate the gasline for a few miles.

Mar: My brother, who works in construction, can remember this.

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