Después de las (cenas, platicas, ediciones…)

Después de hacer una transición entre de las mesas…

We’re thinking about journeys. The journeys that people make to make food; and the journeys that the food makes to be eaten.

Rebecca (a participant):
How the origin of certain foods (that is, where certain crops were developed) may contrast with where they wind up. For example, limes–there was a card that talked about limes—

They were first grown in Iraq.

Which differs from where these-the ones on the table-from where they wound up–here, where we are, in Southern California.

And where it’s grown is always different from where it originated.

Exactly. For example, the Kabocha squash. The genus Cuchurbita originated in Meso-America. This particular variety was developed in Japan, from seeds carried by Portuguese sailors in the 15th century. And what we are eating was probably grown in Sinaloa. And there’s quite a journey involved there.
When thinking about journeys involved in food transport, it seems like we operate in relation to an imaginary, that petroleum resources are infinite. That distance doesn’t matter.

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