Después de las (cenas, platicas, ediciones…)

Drifting (Pia Chakraverti-Wuerthwein)

The sea lulls in and out,

Calming? A soothing sense of belonging.
But it’s CGI isn’t it?
How can CGI be calming.

Imposing towers of concrete.
Endless comings and goings.
Everyone alone together.

Amazing how it flits across the screen
Seamlessly moving from one panel to the next
A synchronized dance of sorts, or a feat of engineering?

Swaying of her skirts.
The silent shuffling of subservience.
The click-clack of power.

I liked how the shoes were highlighted
Yeah, that was truly the moment when I realized she is a prostitute.
Well, that is one of the hats she wears.

Gilded walls. Muscled men.
Bowing down to a lithe nymph.
Action mirrored at the table.

Isn’t it curious how her role develops
From one of caution to one of control.
And all through scenes of continual transport.

Waves pushing bodies outward
Traveling, (peacefully?), somewhere.
Seeking a path homeward.

They seem to arrive in a sort of utopia, don’t you think.
So does the Goddess succeed in resting their souls?

Perhaps, it ends hauntingly, though, with the never ending pounding of the sea.

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