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Languages originating in the hemisphere are not present in the United States.  On the streets, it is rare to encounter languages that are not European in origin.  In México, they exist; even still, many are not considered “languages,” proper, but “dialects.”  Tu’un davi; Nahautl–they have their own grammatical structure.

Are they called dialects because of having merged in some way with Spanish?

There may be traces of Spanish transposed to languages originating on the continent.  I remember, in Maneadero, just South of Ensenada (primarily an agricultural area)–  there is a group that is promoting bilingual education; that in schools, instruction may be offered in Spanish and in Nahautl.  

A large number of agricultural workers in Maneadero may have relocated from states in central México, such as Veracruz or Hidalgo–and, they don’t necessarily speak Spanish.  Many do speak Nahautl.  
When instruction in schools is monolingual (Spanish), it’s frustrating for the kids; frustrating for the teachers when the students cannot understand.  And, it’s often the case that young people just go to work with their parents in the fields.  It’s less difficult.   

In both countries, languages that are European in origin are privileged.  In the United States, languages that originating on the continent are segregated to such a degree–

Right.  That they do not exist-they aren’t here.

Liz Bartz
The extinction of local indigenous languages has been an intrinsic to the development of San Diego; through Spanish colonialism, and, later, Anglo-American.  But there are still a number of people who speak Yuman languages…and those people are no longer trying to learn Spanish because they’re trying to learn English, now.
By erasing languages; conditions that mandate Spanish or English as a “native language;” these also are foundational to what permits the freeway to exist.  
To expand.

The erasure of culture includes and is more broad than language.  Maybe the end is not to have a highway, but to eliminate a voice that could be…problematic. 

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